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As a certified R2 downstream vendor, we are your primary buyer of consumer electronics and mobile products. 

_ Who we are _

About OEM Source

OEM Source, Inc. is a reputable and long-established product & service provider that specializes in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technology products. Founded in 2004, and located in New Jersey, we’ve established a wide range of reliable vendors, customers and inventory that supports the highest standard of new and reconditioned tech products & accessories.
OEMS greatest accomplishment is the consistent ability to deliver premium quality products and services at the time most needed. Our business relations with customers and employees are equally instituted with trust and loyalty. We pride in preserving proper sale activities, customer care and technical support that will result in ongoing business relationship.
Our overall business attitude focuses on the needs of our customers. We consistently strive to bring efficient service and reliable quality by conducting UL testing to help ensure authenticity and performance of our products. OEMS extensive inventory is ready for immediate shipping while delivering globally.

Product we support

Our focus has been tuned on smartphone marketplace, but we have expanded into the vast consumer electronics market as we’ve developed over the years. We are a strong source for accessories that are kitted with devices – which is crucial to many wireless carriers and 3rd party resellers that market complete phones, tablets, smartwatches, and many popular consumer electronics.


Flagship services

Reverse logistics & reconditioning

Our R2 / ISO certified facility is equipped to handle extensive volume of consumer and big box store returns. Offering customized programs to suit each organization and their interests. Strong data security and device protection is a part of OEMS regular business practice, providing personal data deletion and software management.

Device diagnostics and grading services. Providing internal grading criteria and adjustable options to suit all needs.

Recondition and repackage services are available upon customer requirements. Providing allocation of technicians, work-lines, staff training and inventory management at our facility.

Re-marketing services

Providing B2B and B2C sales options is key to revenue and loss recovery. Our sales department has secured an extensive list of overseas and domestic buyers that have proven to be reliable partners. We understand the need of our clients and the importance of protecting their brand by steering our sales channels away from market disruption or unwanted exposure.

Our direct-to-consumer e-store has been a valuable addition to our organization, allowing our clients to market excess inventory, E&O and reconditioned merchandise directly to the consumer without the reseller risk. Adjustable programs are available.

Reclaim & Recycle services

Parts reclamation is an important part of our cost reduction strategy. Testing and collecting of spare parts greatly reduce refurbishment cost, expedites workflow and creates adequate inventory storying for on-demand workorder fulfillment.

Secure material destruction is available to our customers, working within the R2 downstream recycler pool allows us to maintain a high level of certainty in the process. Covering the following material-

Lithium batteries / Plastics / Digital screens/LCD’s Retail Packaging / PCBA mother boards

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